I’m Liza, a Bristol-based artist.

I loved art at school but that love was interrupted by my colourful work life and bringing up my four children – extended to six when I became a foster carer. Now they are all grown up, so I can pick up my brushes again and concentrate on painting

I’m a member of the Clevedon Art Club, have exhibited at the Open and Members’ Exhibitions, the Clifton Art Club Open Exhibition, North Somerset Arts Exhibition and Polodango in Clevedon.

Not only do I sell my paintings and collages but I also take commissions, including animal portraits. If you would like to buy one of my paintings or to place a commission, please contact me on You can buy cards some of my paintings through Etsy on: theartistlizaYou can follow me on Instagram: theartistliza


Grand Hall at Ashton Court

Open from 11am until 4pm every day.  It starts Monday 2nd  July & finishes on and including Sunday 29th July

Closed on  Mondays & Tuesdays


"Liza is especially talented at portraying people  using various mediums and styles. This  delightful watercolour picture of her grandson, Max, is a perfect example of how well she captures the essence of his character.   Those who know him will recognise that look so well."  
Janet Reed
"Having known Liza for some many years in a professional capacity it came as a complete surprise when the relationship moved to a more friendly basis that she had such an amazing talent. 
This was first evidenced on a Personal card a couple of years ago - the stunning depiction of a full maned lion. Such was the impact of this artwork that the next time we met the conversation was all about these, so far, hidden talents. 
Later we saw more of her work and were so impressed that we have purchased a magnificent Forest Scene which hangs regally in our Entrance Hallway. 
On a personal level I feel that there will be more purchases once all the renovations are complete. 
The lovely Liza is certainly a skilled, insightful artist to watch out for."  
John & Sally McGinn
Liza is a most original and gifted artist, who can work in a variety of mediums producing artworks that are entertaining and inspiring, even sometimes touching.
Caroline Jones (Clevedon)
"Liza’s painting of our dog Dusty captured her perfectly. It shows her sense of fun, and her appealing but cheeky eyes. It takes great talent to be able to achieve this!"    
Gail Smith (Clayton)

"Liza, I am proud that you have chosen me as the subject of one of your endeavours.  Your bold style and pallet not only captured my likeness but my personality.  It seems that you have a talent that has been waiting for a long time to be set free and I look forward to seeing your future works. Both paintings hang with pride on the wall of my study and I am proud to tell people who admire them, that they are by a dear colleague of mine, Liza Donoghue."
Greg Edwards